The Play is Now Being Made into a Film!

Friday, May 27 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday, May 28
Friday, June 3 (SOLD OUT)
Saturday June 4 (SOLD OUT)

WHERE: Box Factory for the Arts in Saint Joe, Michigan
NEXT UP: A Documentary-style Film

“Starry Night Revisted” Rewrites Art History

Starry Night started as a Play about Vincent van Gogh written by Joe Moody. The play revealed the true story of Vincent never revealed in a dramatic production. It is now being made into a film called Starry Night Revisted Starring Bryan Zubler

A Trailer for the Film

Art historians, including a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, now say Vincent didn’t cut off his ear or kill himself, but took the blame to save others. “The hope is to dispel long-held myths, to clear Vincent’s reputation,” said playwright Joe Moody.

A Trailer from the Play

In the sold-out play, actor Jareth Zelmer triumphed in his role as Vincent van Gogh in what the script describes as a “modern dream,” fusing 19th century aesthetic with current times. Portraying fellow artist Paul Gauguin as Brian Lorenc from South Bend (now in Berrien Center). Margaret Thompson of Three Oaks (now of Chicago) portrayed Kate. From Saint Joseph was Meggie Anderson as Charissa, Mack Moody was the teenaged Bane. Mark Schreiber was Joseph Roulin. Kendall Smith of Three Oaks portrayed Johanna, Vincent’s sister-in-law.

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