Echoes of Vincent van Gogh

Two Artists Share Similar Struggle and Cosmic Vision


Starry Night Revisited by Bryan Zubler

Bryan Zubler and Vincent van Gogh are kindred spirits, separated by eras but united in their ability to transmute suffering into stunning visual legacies.

And now Bryan is helping to unveil revelations about Vincent van Gogh for the first time in a feature film.

Heads up: This isn’t another recreation of actors trying to portray the same old tropes about Vincent’s life, this is what happens when honest souls come together to set the record straight about one of the most famous painters of all time – and the “lucky accidents” that surround the production which became known as “Starry Night Serendipities.”

A Tale of Destiny

One of the most fateful “coincidences” was how something amazing happened when Bryan was at one of his lowest points in his brilliant yet tumultuous life. In the darkness, he began to paint the doors and walls of his apartment in vivid, powerful colors and shapes. Faces began forming and meaning began spilling from his heart to the paint where he could decode it.

Meanwhile, not far away, the story of Starry Night was being told on a quaint stage in a small town in Michigan.

It took moving Heaven and Earth to get Bryan from a dark place in Toledo, Ohio back to his hometown of South Bend, Indiana – not far from the Starry Night production going on in Michigan.

At times, it was like unseen forces were at work to unite Bryan and Joe Moody, the writer/director of Starry Night, to finally tell Vincent’s real tale on film.

Of Chaos and Color

Zubler’s life, much like van Gogh’s, proves that from the depths of hardship can emerge the most exquisite forms of inspiration and beauty. They were alumni of the “School of Hard Knocks,” where every scar became a brilliant brush stroke and every hardship a stepping stone to greatness.

Bryan’s life, a rich tapestry of adversity and triumph, mirrors the intense journey of Vincent van Gogh. Excelling as an Airborne Ranger, Bryan’s return from military life was marred by personal battles. Bryan went through a painful divorce, a brush with death from an overdose, and a harrowing fight against stage four cancer.

These trials, like the strokes from a dark palette, led Bryan to the confines of a psychiatric hospital where, like Vincent, he found solace and expression in painting.

The art of both Bryan and Vincent was not inspired by the halls of academia, but in the relentless classroom of life.

The Turning Point

Bryan’s odyssey reaches a crescendo with “Starry Night Revisited,” where he discovers he’s able to paint Vincent’s masterpiece not only in the same style naturally – but just as fast as Vincent – as if the inspiration were springing from the same spiritual well.

He then goes on to paint other masterpieces, like Sunflowers, in record time and with his own fiery brand of passion – all the while creating his own profound new works.

The film, Starry Night Revisited, tells the new tale of the beloved painter we all known, through an emerging artist we are now getting to know who shares his profound struggle and vision.